Treating psoriasis is tricky enough on its own.

Put Together a Skincare Routine for Psoriasis

  • Do not do anything to irritate your skin, as this will only make matters worse.
  • Avoid using harsh cleansers, abrasive scrubs, hot water bath

Stop using fragranced products, whether the scent is synthetic or natural. This will go a long way toward improving how your skin looks and feels.

Use of moisturizer lotioncreams can help you out in preventing extreme dryness.

If you are using a prescription retinoid product to combat the symptoms of psoriasis, topical medications, such as a vitamin D, cortisone, coal-tar, or an over-the-counter or prescription retinoid product, apply them before your sunscreen during the day and before your moisturizer at night. And always pay close attention to how your skin responds. Retinoid are potent and you never want to tip the scales in favor of irritation.

Topical prescription treatments (oils, ointmentscreams) to control the symptoms of psoriasis can be worked into your routine, as directed by your doctor, and you shouldn’t experience any compatibility issues by adding such products to your usual skincare routine.


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